Dr. Bülent Cihantimur

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon Dr. Bülent Cihantimur is the founder of Estetik International, one of Turkey’s foremost aesthetic surgery centres. Dr. Cihantimur is known as one the world’s top 50 Plastic Surgeons and has been mentioned in several academic papers for developing techniques like the non-surgical trigger finger treatment, threaded spider web aesthetics, threaded cosmetic protruding ear surgery, genital rejuvenation and simple nose aesthetics. Most of these techniques have been presented at international congresses and mentioned in medical papers. He was born in Kars, Turkey and completed his degree at Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine before specialising in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 1999. After brief work experience at St. Lawrence Hospital in Britain, he returned to Turkey and founded Estetik International. Initially opened in Bursa, Estetik International Medical Group now has branches in Istanbul and Ankara with over 150 skilled staff.

The vagina is a private part of the body where the sex, birth, sexuality and urinary systems cohabitate. The organ itself, as well as the problems that may come about with it, is a very difficult subject for many women to talk about. Even in today’s modern world of medicine, genital aesthetic procedures aren’t easily accepted in many circles.

As a result, potential aesthetic and health problems in this private part of a woman’s body are mostly compulsorily ignored. However; the centre of life, the continuation of generations, and the foundation place of healthy relationships between couples depends on physically and psychologically healthy women, thus making discussion of this topic extremely important.

Previously honoured with the Golden Bistoury Award during the third Annual World Plastic Surgery Congress in Monaco in regards to his presentation on the Genital Beautification technique, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur approaches vaginal aesthetics from a different perspective: “The Genital Beautification technique is a gift for women, and this procedure will pave the way through countless taboos and give women back their much deserved value.”

Parts of the birthing, sex and urinary systems are very closely placed in the genital area. Due to the effects of gravity, difficult deliveries, hormonal changes, babies with high birthweight, and aging, the parts in this area may lose shape and form. Alternately, there may be genetic or congenital problems in some women. Sexual problems for women, however, are usually considered psychological— in most cases, women who gave birth or who are having aesthetic problems in the vaginal area do not want to have a sexual relationship due to insecurities. The causes for this lack of confidence are usually a saggy labia that gets irritated because of contact with lingerie, excess fat in the mons pubis which sometimes covers the clitoris, a darkened vulva because of pigmentation, and maybe most importantly, the loosened and enlarged vagina. When this area loses its form, especially because of unsupervised deliveries, it prevents both women and men from enjoying sex. Add in all the other possible causes of deformation and the interest for a sexual relationship completely disappears. It is also important to note that urinary incontinence and other functionfunctional defects may cause problems for women’s social life.

The Genital Beautification technique declares that the vagina is no different to any other part of our body,
and that it also deserves to stay in shape. Just like the face or other parts of the body, which are often the focus of plastic surgery procedures, every health problem or aesthetic concern, including the vaginal area, should be approached and treated as a total body entity. Once the sagging problems of the inner and outer labia, which cause irritation, are eliminated, the pigmentation problem, bacterial growth, and wetness in
the area will also disappear. Additionally, the procedure gives a nicer, cleaner aesthetic look.

For a pleasurable sexual relationship, the vagina has to embrace the penis. Once the problem of loosened form is taken care of, partners can feel each other more and the unwanted sounds caused by an enlarged vagina due to excess air during intercourse will also disappear. Additionally, the mons pubis is the hairy part between the clitoris and C-section stitches. Women usually complain about this area if it looks too round when they are wearing lingerie or swim suits. Moreover, lipoidosis in this area covers the clitoris, which is one of the pleasure points of women. Shaping the mons pubis gives it an aesthetic form and reveals the hidden clitoris.

The G-Shot procedure is one of the techniques used in genital beautification. The G-Spot is another erogenous area of the vagina in addition to the clitoris. It is located 2-3 inches up the front vaginal wall and usually is an inch wide. During the G-shot procedure, amplification of this erogenous area enables having an easier and much more pleasurable orgasm. Involuntary urinary incontinence caused even by the slightest things, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing or being startled, makes life extremely difficult for many women. If you have a urinary incontinence problem, it means that the collagen tissue in that area has become weak and the support tissue under the bladder is loosened. In the relevant genital beautification procedure, we are solving this problem by treating all muscle and tissues that make urinating involuntary.