Dr. Taweesin Punnaniti, Thailand

This is the first time I’ve attended FATS and I think this conference is great. There are some live demonstrations which are all interesting, but I think that the burn scar treatment was the most interesting to observe as I’d never seen that before.

Dr. Punyacha Tangterdchanakit, Thailand

I heard about the FATS Bangkok 2018 conference from my friends. I was so interested to attend this conference because of all of the famous speakers that I have read or seen in many famous aesthetic books. This conference is a really good opportunity to gain insight from well-known experts. As English is not my first language, at first I felt a bit shy about asking questions, but the FATS staff were very kind and helpful to make sure that my questions were acknowledged and answered.

I was really fascinated by Dr. Marco Klinger’s live surgery which showed Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation. I was really surprised about the survival rate of the fat from the fat lipo transfer as the survival rate is about 60-70%, as not many doctors are able to have such a high survival rate from harvested fat.

I had heard that Dr. Coleman was the number one person with regard to liposuction and fat transfer, and when I met him he was very kind. I appreciate that he took the time to let me take a photo with him. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this conference and it’s been an excellent experience.

Dr. Thipwimol Pakornwanitcha, Thailand

I love FATS Bangkok 2018! I’ve wanted to attend this conference for two years, but wasn’t able to as I had other duties. Now that I’m here, I’m so happy to be able to listen to so many famous speakers as well as learn new techniques for my practice as fat transfer is my major procedure. I loved Dr. Coleman’s cadaver demonstration, and I also enjoyed Dr. Piccolo’s live surgery demonstration on Fat Grafting to Burn Scars. Something like this is difficult and rare, and watching it live was amazing. I think he does a lot to give confidence back to patients and improve their quality of life. I was really surprised by the procedure.

I would like to say that I really love the FATS Bangkok conference. I knew Eddie and Daphne previously, and it has been great to see them here. Everyone attending FATS is very kind and the conference is well organized and executed. It really is very good!

Dr. Chua Meng Hua, Malaysia

I have attended this conference before. Basically, my purpose of revisiting FATS is to get more updates about stem cells, the latest technologies and the machines. The conference is perfect and a good opportunity to connect with others in this medical field.

Dr. Cheng Qin Lin, Malaysia

I’ve attended this conference before and one thing that is nice about FATS is that the gather people from around the world. These experts in their field share valuable insight into what they do best. It is great that these experts are very willing to share.

FATS is always different. It does not matter if you have attended before, as FATS showcases different doctors. Looking at these doctors and their different approaches allows us to learn.

For the future, I think it would be great if FATS could incorporate a comparison. Perhaps we can look at a procedure from a previous year, revisit that case and show an update. I feel that would be useful for a lot of us who attend FATS and hope to see it next year.

Dr. Pamela Chayavichitsilp, Thailand

This is my 2nd time attending FATS and I’m always learning something new, especially this year as I had the chance to learn from live surgery as well as cadaver demonstrations. I thought this was very enriching in terms of education.

I had the chance to watch Dr. Steven Cohen operate and he was just phenomenal. He was a great teacher and I learned a lot. On the 3rd day, Dr. Timothy Marten’s lecture was also great. He was really, really teaching us and not holding anything back which I thought was really amazing.

There’s a trend in Thailand now for fat grafting so it’s actually becoming a lot more popular. I have a lot of patients asking for this procedure as they want to rejuvenate their skin as well as make their faces look more beautiful. Fat Grafting looks more natural and there are so many applications for fat. It really can be used for multiple things. The stem cell potential is also there, so I really think it is a growing field.

As a dermatologist, at the next FATS conference I would like to see something a little more less invasive as opposed to blepharoplasty or facelifts. I would rather have something more focused on the fat grafting.

Dr. Lim Ting Song, Malaysia

It is the first time that I have attended FATS. I think the conference is really great. I’m an Aesthetic Physician and I don’t do a lot of surgical procedures, but this conference is a real eye-opener. It is interesting to look at how the surgeons are performing procedures. There are a lot of similarities and differences in our philosophies and approach, but we all have the end goal of actually helping someone look prettier or younger. Nowadays, the approach is to make the look more natural. This is a really big topic in Aesthetic Medicine right now, as we move away from an overdone or plastic look.

I think FATS Bangkok 2018 is awesome in the way that the conference has combined both Cadaver Demonstrations and Live Surgery demonstrations. I think this is a really good way to show us exactly what the surgeons do. This is a really good way for us doctors to exchange ideas, and also working together closely for the years to come.

Dr. Nikunj Joshi, India

I’m attending FATS for the first time. My overall impression is that the conference is very good as the information is informative and useful in my practice as well. I was really impressed with the Live Surgery demonstrations. All of the procedures were amazing.

Andrew Nutman, Exhibitor (Australia)

I’m here at FATS for the first time representing Samson Medical Technologies. The conference is globally very well-attended and it is nice to see a couple of representations from Australia and New Zealand. The devices on display and the new technologies and innovations are certainly eye-opening. In my position, it is certainly important to attend a conference such as FATS to look at the innovation and see where things are going from a global point of view. FATS is very well executed, and we really hope to promote this conference better in our country so that we have higher attendance next year.

Dr. David Topchian, Australia

As someone who has attended FATS for the first time, I find the conference valuable on different levels. It is great to be able to see the pioneers in these procedures in one place at one time and be able to ask questions. I’ve learned a lot and I will be changing my practice and improving when I get home to Australia.

Dr. Saoraya Lueangarun, Thailand

FATS is amazing! This is my first time attending the conference, and it has really opened my eyes to the new world of cosmetics, aesthetics and techniques. The speakers are world-renowned, so it is really impressive to see them in action and listen to their lectures. I was really impressed with the techniques shown during the Cadaver Demonstrations and the Live Surgery Demonstrations, especially the Rhinoplasty by Dr. Jaeyong Jeong.

Dr. Stanley Loo, New Zealand

I’ve learned quite a few tips on top of what I normally do, so I think that’s been really helpful. The Live Surgery demonstrations are a great way to add on to what I do as well as refine the results. It has been very useful seeing other people operate. While this year has been focused a lot on the face, I think it would be great in the future to focus on a different part of the body with regard to Fat Grafting techniques.

Dr. Pon Chutchawan, Thailand

I am a new doctor and also new to FATS. The knowledge is really incredible. I really enjoyed the Liposuction and Rejuvenation of the Face demonstrations. Some of the speakers’ accents were difficult for me to understand, but that did not stop me being interested in or appreciative of the conference.

Dr. Dilip Gahankari, Australia

I’ve attended FATS several times, and in fact, I was here for the first-ever meeting of FATS. The simple fact that I enjoy coming here means that I get a lot of value out of this meeting, particularly learning from the bigwigs in the field of Fat Grafting and cosmetic surgery. Listening to Dr. Tim Marten and Dr. Sydney Coleman is a real bonus of attending FATS. The Live Surgery demonstrations are very much an educational experience when you compare it to direct lectures. From my point of view, as a plastic surgeon who has been practicing for 20 years or more, I always get some new answers to surgical techniques that I would like to adapt to my practice as well as things that I probably wouldn’t like to adapt. I also like to see how efficiently things can be done, so it’s not just the technique but it is also time efficiency, the organization of the surgery and the surgical techniques, the positioning … all of those little things that you normally don’t see in presentations give us a lot to learn. These live demonstrations are great as they make all of us understand the technique better, as well as give the confidence to actually perform a surgery such as this.

Dr. Kasey Sung, South Korea

I attend FATS every year because there is so much to learn. This conference is a good place to meet colleagues in the medical field and exchange ideas. The skills on display are really interesting, and it is nice to see that the number of people attending is increasing. FATS is becoming a major event now, and I expect in the future to see more doctors coming, new techniques, more surgeries, demonstrations and lectures which provides us a good chance to communicate and form relationships.

Dr. Tae-Jo Kang, South Korea

I have attended FATS a number of times because I find this conference very useful. The field of Fat Grafting and Stem Cells is very large, so it is necessary to learn all that we can regarding techniques and surgeries. I look forward to next year and to seeing some fresh, new content in the FATS curriculum.

Dr. Terry Yen, Taiwan

This is my first time to FATS, and I found the conference very useful and I’ve met a lot of legends in the medical field. My favorite part of the conference has been the Cadaver Demonstrations. These have been really impressive as I can learn a lot of anatomy from the dissection and discuss with my colleagues after. I plan to come to FATS again next year, and I will suggest to others to join FATS as it’s really good to learn the latest concepts in Fat Grafting and Stem Cell usage.

Dr. Florencio Lucero, Philippines

This is my third time attending FATS, and I’m really glad I came. I like the speakers. They provided us with very informative slides, technique, and also updates on what is happening with FATS.

A conference like FATS is really good for up and coming surgeons or practitioners because the future is really FATS. There will be a lot of potential that is still in store for Fat Grafting and Stem Cells that is yet to be discovered. The “mystery” of the potential will continue to come out in the future.

I’ve been a plastic surgeon for 38 years, and when I started doing Stem Cells from fats in 2006, I said that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour, however now, I’m seeing the bud. The bud is growing, becoming a flower and slowly becoming a fruit. The ripeness is yet to come.

Dr. Piyapas Pichaichanarong, Thailand

I’m a plastic surgeon from Phuket and this is my first time to FATS. I find this conference very interesting, especially the pros and cons about fat transfer. I can definitely use the techniques we are being taught, and it is great to know the real principle and share the knowledge and expertise. Fat Transfer plays a major role in both aesthetic and plastic surgery these days, and there are many aspects for lipo-filling so it would be great to see this and liposuction incorporated next year.

Dr. Khoo Yan Teng, Malaysia

I find the FATS conference very amazing as this is my first time attending. FATS is very useful for myself, as I’m a plastic surgeon. There is so much to takeaway from this conference. For example, the outstanding speakers like Dr. Sydney Coleman and his techniques with Fat Grafting. Dr. Timothy Marten with his very amazing result of the Facelift,  and all of the other Cadaver and Live Surgery demonstrations have also been wonderful. I plan to come next year, and it would be great to see more cadaver dissection and demonstrations.

Dr. Pornnapas Prempunya, Thailand

I’ve never attended FATS before, but I am enjoying the conference as it is very educational. I was really fascinated by the Cadaver Demonstrations and I loved to learn the techniques. Overall, this is a really great conference and I’m happy to join.

Florentina Sutiny Sjahudin, Indonesia

I think FATS is a really great conference. One thing I’d like to see in the future is something regarding fat transfer and the hands. For example, for some of us, as we get older, our hands start to look not very nice. It would be great to find a way to make the skin on the hands look better.

Dr. Kampee Karanapakorn, Thailand

This is my third time attending FATS. This is a very interesting conference with a lot of excellent research. In the future, it would be good to focus on other parts. Maybe Breast Augmentation with fat is going to be interesting for us to see.

Dr. Kume Kim, Japan

FATS is a nice time for understanding the way of thinking and the procedures of the doctors and the professors. This is my first time here and I’m really happy to experience this conference. I hope to attend next year in order to gain more knowledge and see some new techniques.

Kume Kim, Japan

I came here to learn what FATS is really doing. It’s been a really fascinating experience to see the plastic surgeons coming from all over the world. During the Live Surgery demonstration, I thought that Dr. Sydney Coleman’s surgery was something special. He is like a god in this industry. I hope to attend next year, and I would like to see more detailed focus on one live surgery demo instead of switching between surgeries and even show videos of live surgeries if it is possible.

Dr. Nutjaree Senirat, Thailand

This is my first time to attend FATS as I heard about this conference from TACS. FATS is really very useful for me. I’m learning many things that I didn’t know before. For example, about stem cells and fat and how to use it to make corrections on the patient. I hope to use what I have learned in my own practice. For future FATS conferences, I would like it to be more hands-on.

Dr. Chonnipa Siangprasert, Thailand

I am attending FATS for the first time, and I think it’s very useful. We learn step by step first with anatomy, live surgery and then share techniques about fat survival. The conference is fantastic and useful for my work. I also enjoyed the exhibitors.

Dr. Chatpon Kongfeangfung, Thailand

I’m a plastic surgeon and this is my third time attending FATS. It’s a useful conference as many important doctors attend. Over the last few years, some of the topics have been the same, so for the future, I would like to see more specialists and more lectures that focus on something other than fat injection. I think this will continue to make the conference even more interesting.