FATS Academy of Procedural Medicine is pleased to host upcoming hands-on cadaver workshop on facial anatomy & facial fat injection technique, led by world-class faculty Dr Safi Kang (South Korea), MD.PhD Human Anatomy & Cell Biology and Dr Kritsada Kowitwibool (Thailand), Facial Plastic Surgeon from Chulalongkorn Hospital. 

The medical field is forever changing and expanding as new techniques and technologies continue to be discovered and implemented. Our cadaver workshop is specially designed to incorporate new and cutting-edge surgical techniques, making it valuable to professionals of all levels and experience. It is geared towards both beginners and experienced physicians who will benefit immensely in attending this workshop. Many experienced providers who have not had any refresher training after medical school have seen the cadaver workshop as an opportunity to brush up on their techniques. Adding to the fact that patient care and safety is utmost importance, this means that medical training and education never stops and aim to remain priority for all practitioners. 

What To Expect? 

Our hands-on cadaver workshop kicks off with a lecture – followed by initial live cadaver demonstration, in which is useful in providing participants with a practical understanding of the musculature & anatomy of the face. This is crucial especially when it comes to minimally invasive procedures such as facial fat injection. The participants will then have the opportunity to perform hands-on practice on cadaver. There will be a discussion and Q&A session at the end of the session to discuss any concerns. 

Spaces are limited to 44 hands-on participants only due to to intimate nature of the workshop. We aim to ensure that all participants are getting the most out of the workshop by allowing them the opportunity to interact more closely with the trainers – for the best learning experience. 

Learning Objectives :
1. Understanding Facial Anatomy & Vascular Anatomy
2. Understanding Different Compartments of Fat Pads
3. Anatomy basis of safe injection technique
4. Avoding Intra Vascular Injection that may lead to Blindness and Soft Tissue Necrosis
5.Nerve Block and LA Infiltration to the Face
6. Fat Processing and Manual Fat Injection Technique

We believe that this cadaver workshop is a very comprehensive way of learning about the face anatomy and it is critical that everybody’s knowledge of anatomy is at the same level – an important aspect of keeping patients safe. We are positive that all participants will walk away with great learning experience. 

Course Fees 
Lecture & Hands-On Cadaver : USD2200
Lecture & Observation Only : USD800

Location : 
Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Training Centre, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Date:                                                 Time:
22nd April 2023                         8.00am – 5.30pm

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