Dr. Hathairat Tungtasana (Thailand)

This is my first FATS conference. I decided to attend FATS 2019 because I’m a stem cell scientist. I have really enjoyed the event. It boasted many lectures by some of the world’s foremost stem cell experts. In my opinion, the FATS conference has benefitted my work as a product specialist because the speakers share their invaluable experience which I can apply to my daily practices. In the future, I hope that the speakers share not only their procedural succeses but clinical complications and side effects as well.

Dr. Tessa Puspita Sari (Indonesia)

This is my first time attending FATS. Although I’ve heard of FATS for many years, this is first time I’ve had the opportunity to attend. It’s very exciting listening to the talks and lectures because I’ve been practicing fat grafting for two years. The conference has been enlightening. I’m glad to be introduced to many innovations and techniques which can included in my practice. The one thing that I’ve definitely enjoyed most was the instructional videos. Moving forward, I hope to see more topics which cover genital beautification with fat.

Dr. Zada Febrial Effendy (Indonesia)

This is my first FATS conference, and I’m delighted to have been a part of it. As an aesthetic physician, I’ve researched stem cells but I’m not familiar with adipose tissue-derived stem cells. I’m glad I attended FATS 2019, as I had an opportunity to learn adipose tissue stem cells benefits from international experts. In my opinion, I’ve found FATS 2019 to be very interesting and educational, especially because stem cells are the next evolution in long-lasting aesthetic rejuvenation.

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