FATS Bangkok 2018 was a smashing success. The conference brought with it the realization that this State of the Art Congress on Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures, which started from humble beginnings in 2009, is truly expanding on a global scale. Each year, the interest in Fat Grafting Techniques, Fat Transfer and related technologies continues to grow. These are pivotal times for the FATS industry and it with great excitement that we watch this field continue to garner interest and popularity.

The four day event, which took place on 19-22 April 2018, was well attended by approximately 200 delegates from a range of backgrounds and a selection of diverse countries. FATS Bangkok 2018 was given so much positive feedback, with so many delegates stating it was the best FATS conference by far, and that has motivated us so much to continue to work hard in order to make this annual confer-ence bigger and better.

FATS Bangkok 2018 was lucky to welcome world-renowned conference speakers. As each speaker is an expert in their field, it was with both pleasure and awe to host Dr. Timothy Marten (USA), Dr. Syd-ney Coleman (USA), Asst. Prof. Kamol Wattanakrai (Thailand), Dr. Jae-Yong Jeong (Korea), Prof. Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan), Dr. Florencio Lucero (Philippines), Dr. Marco Klinger (Italy), Dr. Lee Kim Siea (Malaysia), Dr. Lee Pu (USA), Dr. Steven Cohen (USA), . Dr. Tae Jo Kang (Korea), Dr. Nelson Piccolo (Brazil), Dr. Lim Ting Song (Malaysia) and Dr. Kasey Sung (Korea).

Delegates were delighted to be able to attend a conference of this caliber with so many pioneers in the field. Each conference speaker afforded the FATS delegates a glimpse into their area of expertise through Cadaver Demonstrations, Live Surgeries and a series of informative lectures on fat grafting innovation and techniques and stem cell procedures. The professional presentation of various proce-dures and techniques from the FATS panel of surgeons and speakers, as well as valuable Q&A ses-sions and informative lectures, truly made FATS Bangkok 2018 an enriching experience. Delegates were in the perfect position to gain firsthand knowledge throughout the conference to take back and apply to their own practices.

Once again this year, FATS was beyond pleased to welcome back Dr. Sydney Coleman. Dr. Coleman is one of the most recognized plastic surgeons worldwide and has been an integral part in elevating the FATS platform. He attended the FATS conference in 2014 and 2016, so having him with us for FATS Bangkok 2018 was a real treat. A popular favorite amongst the delegates, Dr. Coleman is often con-sidered the “Father of Modern Fat Grafting” as he was the pioneer of a very successful method of fat grafting. Known as LipoStructure or Coleman Fat Grafting, the technique has become the basis for most surgeons when it comes to fat grafting procedures in their own practices. While each faculty speaker is valuable, it is Dr. Coleman who brings great recognition to FATS and his reputation has helped elevate FATS to a more successful and recognized conference amongst the medical communi-ty.

Performed at Chulalongkorn University, the highest ranked university in Thailand, the Cadaver Demonstrations started off the learning activities of FATS Bangkok 2018. Graciously provided by the university, cadaver specimens allowed the panel of surgeons to demonstrate various procedures in-cluding SMAS Facelift, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty for Asians, Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvena-tion and Nasal Anatomy in Asian Rhinoplasty.

Cadaver Demonstrations are unique in that they provide a very realistic environment and allow for delegates to have a better understanding of how all bodies are different. The opportunity to witness hands-on surgical procedures affords a heightened learning curve when it comes to the latest innova-tions in Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures. Cadaver Demonstrations also allow for good practice regarding the latest medical equipment and technologies, which is so important to the vast field of Fat Grafting and Stem Cells.

It was an honor for FATS Bangkok 2018 to once again use the facilities at Ramathibodi Hospital for Live Surgery Demonstrations. Considered the most prestigious medical school in all of Thailand, Ra-mathibodi Hospital at Mahidol University provided a completely professional setting and advanced operating theater which hosted the Live Surgery Demonstrations. The entire day was seamless thanks to the efficiency of the dedicated staff at Ramathibodi Hospital and we are always grateful to have their support.

Throughout the course of the day, a variety of surgical procedures took place which showed delegates the intricacies of various Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures. Dr. Kasey Sung (Korea) performed Small Volume Fat Harvesting for SVF Processing and Lipo Sculpting, while Dr. Lee Pu (USA) practiced Facial Fat Grafting on a patient.

The Live Surgery Demonstrations also afforded delegates the chance to watch Dr. Nelson Piccolo (Brazil) in action demonstrating Fat Grafting to Burn Scars and Dr. Marco Klinger (Italy) performed Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation. This particular procedure showcased a stunning result and many of the delegates carried on in conversation about this surgery afterwards. Dr. Steven Cohen (USA) rounded out the afternoon of Live Surgery Demonstrations by performing a Facial Rejuvenation with Fat and others.

Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures have gained a lot of popularity in Thailand in re-cent years, which no doubt piqued the interest of so many of the delegates from Thailand this year. Bangkok continues to be an excellent choice as the hub to facilitate our annual FATS conferences. Over the years, the professional relationships we have forged with Chulalongkorn University and Ra-mathibodi Hospital have been invaluable.

Days three and four of FATS Bangkok 2018 were filled with a variety of stimulating lectures that con-centrated on fat grafting, fat transfer, and stem cell procedures as regenerative and rejuvenating treat-ments. The round table discussion-style allowed for delegates to interact with others in the medical field. Each year, FATS proves to be an excellent networking opportunity as it is a fantastic knowledge-sharing platform that brings together speakers and delegates from a variety of countries who are all interested in the latest advancements and procedures in fat grafting and fat transfer techniques.

The lecture setting opened the platform for valuable discussion and provided delegates the opportunity to ask thoughtful questions regarding what that had seen and been taught over the course of the con-ference. This type of engagement is certainly enriching for all delegates as it gives them an opportunity to ask specific questions based on lecture points or further their knowledge with explanations of the Cadaver Demonstrations or Live Surgery Demonstrations.

Born from humble beginning in 2009 as a knowledge-sharing platform amongst a few esteemed col-leagues, FATS has now grown into a sizable conference with medical technologies and the latest fat grafting procedures and techniques at the forefront. The consistent support from pioneers in the field of Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures ensures that FATS will continue to expand and serve as an educational platform in the years to come.

As the fat grafting and fat transfer industry continues to gain momentum and gain new technology, FATS will play a critical role in development and reception of this sector in the medical field. Keeping this in mind, FATS is confident for further future success as we garner more interest and involvement from top medical faculty from around the world.

FATS is looking forward to the future and the further development of the fat grafting field. With a strong medical faculty onboard and the continued support and interest of members, together we can forge new paths in Fat Grafting Techniques and Stem Cell Procedures together.