Forum of Adipose Tissue & Stem Cell Brings its Expertise to Bangkok in May 2019

FATS stands for Forum of Adipose Tissue & Stem Cell, and it was originally conceptualized in 2009. It was borne out of a need to educate as there was a general lack of knowledge and understanding amongst doctors regarding fat grafting techniques such as fat grafting to the breasts which is currently dominated by implants. Facial fat grafting was also a topic of concern, as back then the procedure was dominated by HA Fillers. In 2009, it was quite evident that there was a rather widespread misunderstanding surrounding the great potential of Adipose Tissue applications.

Fast forward nine years, and as much as aesthetic surgery has changed, FATS has also grown and expanded. Today, FATS is an internationally recognized conference that is held annually in Bangkok, Thailand. Preparation is now underway for FATS 2019, which again brings us to the Land of Smiles. FATS Bangkok 2019 will be held from the 29th until the 31st of March 2019.

For FATS Bangkok 2019, the focus includes an educational, well-rounded platform which includes 12 live surgery demonstrations and 12 instructional lectures. The latter will focus on fat grafting and stem cell techniques from a panel of international, world-renowned faculty.

FATS presents an exceptional opportunity for delegates to learn more about fat grafting and stem cells, such as the different techniques performed by faculty. FATS is meant to inspire, and it is our hope that delegates will feel empowered to decide which procedures they have learned at our conference best suit their personal practice.

Delegates who choose to attend FATS have an enriching opportunity to learn from some of the best doctors in the field. The conference truly is an outstanding educational experience. Dedicated fat grafting and stem cell applications can also be identified and studied during FATS, which gives a more comprehensive understanding of how, when delegates leave FATS, they can apply such procedures when asked by their own patients.

FATS provides the opportunity for non-biased learning from a dedicated selection of world-class faculty, many of whom are pioneers in their specific fields or the most sought after doctors in their respective countries.

The FATS Academy of Procedural Medicine conference serves as a hands-on platform for doctors who are looking to learn basic to advanced fat grafting techniques. The learning in the various surgeries and lectures is pivotal. All procedures are performed on a real patient, and there is a trainer there to offer guidance, support and assistance to participating delegates.

FATS is also an outstanding networking opportunity. The chance to connect with doctors from a wide variety of worldwide destinations and practices creates a unique opportunity for friendship and collaboration moving forward. The experience and knowledge that delegates will gain is phenomenal, and the networking aspect is truly and added bonus of the overall FATS conference.

FATS has an amazing network of contacts, which means we are able to draw on unrivaled knowledge and highly skilled individuals in the industry. Our dedication and professionalism allows us to attract the right speakers at the right time. FATS is assisted by a highly experienced advisory board whom help to design the annual conference and invite experienced faculty who are able to perform live surgery demonstrations and lectures during FATS. In summary, everyone who attends this conference benefits immensely.

As FATS 2019 marks the tenth year since its inception, the conference has major plans for its expansion on the horizon. In the future, FATS plans to organize conferences and workshops in north Asia, with a keen eye on developing a strong network of doctors in China. FATS also intends to roll out a smart partnership program with doctors who refer FATS to their friends and colleagues. This will be beneficial to the networking side of FATS and also help us to grow our business. In the future, it is our hope that FATS continues to focus on non-biased knowledge sharing from a world-class faculty and doctors who attend can be assured of quality fat grafting and stem cell procedural applications.

For those interested in learning more about FATS, please feel free to reach out to our team at any time. Contact us vial email on or check our website for more details