Day 1
10th December 2022 (Saturday)
Main Conference
Regenerative Surgery & Anatomy Dissection
Recorded Video Presentation
Step-by-Step Procedural Lecture & Demonstration

Session 1: Basic step-by-step approach to Effective, Safe Fat Harvesting and Injection

  • Am9.00-Am9.30 (30min) The Basics & Foundation of Fat Harvesting & Simple Facial Fat Grafting Technique – Lee Kim Siea 
  • Am9.30-Am10.00 (30min) The Strategies of Peri-orbital Rejuvenation for Asians-Lin Tsai Ming  
  • Am10.00-Am10.15 (15min) Panel Discussion
  • Am10.15am-Am10.45 (30 min) Tea Break             

Session 2: Facial Anatomy & Migraine Surgery

  • Am10.45-Am11.15 (30min) Upper Third of The Face and Periorbital Area – Yves Saban 
  • Am11.15-Am11.45 (30min) Lower Third and Neck – Yves Saban 
  • Am11.45-Pm12.15 (30min) Dissection Showing the Key Anatomical Landmarks for Migraine Surgery – Giorgio Pietramaggiori 
  • Pm12.15-Pm12.30 (15min) Panel Discussion
  • Pm12.30-Pm13.30 (60min) Lunch

Session 3: Nanofat Clinical Presentation & Application

  • Pm13.30-Pm14.00 (30min) Micro Fat Grafting versus Nanofat Grafting – My Two-Decade Strategies for Promising Results – Lin Tsai Ming 
  • Pm14.00-Pm14.30 (30min) – Nanofat-Next Generation of Autologous Facial Rejunevation and Anti-Aging-Claudine Roura
  • Pm14.30-Pm14.45 (15min) Panel Discussion
  • Pm 14.45-Pm15.15(30min) My Experiences and the excellent clinical results of Adinizers-John Paul Pareja 
  • Pm15.15-Pm15.45(30min) Tea Break 

Session 4: Different Principles of Adipose Tissue Cell Isolation

  • Pm15.45-Pm16.15 (30min) Practical Step-by-Step Approach for Fat Harvesting, Processing and Principles of Injection using Lipogems – Carlo Tremolada 
  • Pm16.15-Pm16.45(30min) My Personal Style of Fat Processing : From Infiltration to Fat Grafting and Enzymatic SVF Isolation – Kasey Sung 
  • Pm16.45-Pm17.15 (30min) Code : Ultra-Sharp Blades : FAT (+) Direct Stromal Cell Isolation from Adipose Tissue and Simultaneous Cell – Enriched Lipo Transfer – Eray Copcu 
  • Pm17.15-Pm17.30 (15min) Panel Discussion
  • Pm17.30-Pm18.00 (30min) Extracellular Viscles-Habib Torfi 


11th December 2022 (Sunday)

Main Conference
Regenerative Surgery: Facial Aesthetic & Other Indications
Key Note Lecture & Video Recorded Surgery

Session 5: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Surgery- Facial Aesthetic

  • Am9.00-Am9.45 (45min) KEYNOTE LECTURE – Yves Saban 
  • Am9.45-Am10.05 (20min) Asian Aging Face – Lee Kim Siea 
  • Am10.05-Am10.25 (20min) Lipogems Development from An Ideal Lipo Aspirates Preparation to An Ideal Way for Local Delivery of MSC -Carlo Tremolada
  • Am10.25-Am10.45 (20min) Dangerous Zones for Facial Aesthetics – Giorgio Pietramaggari 
  • Am10.45-Am11.15 (30min) Tea Break
  • Am11.15-Am11.35 (20min) My Experiences and the excellent clinical results of Adinizers -Eray Copcu
  • Am11.35-Pm12.00 (25min) Bali Sanur Economic Zone Project-Christine Hutabarat
  • Pm12.00-Pm13.00 (60min) Lunch Break

Session 6: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Surgery- Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty

  • Pm13.00-Pm13.20 (20min) Noninvasive Rhinoplasty using Filler & Fat under the Consideration of Structure, Dynamics and Function – Safi Kang 
  • Pm13.20-Pm13.40 (20min) Caucasian Rhinoplasty- Yves Saban 
  • Pm13.40-Pm14.00 (20min) Asian Short Incision Blepharoplasty -Kritsada Kowitwibool 

Session 7: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Surgery- Facial Rejuvenation

  • Pm14.00-Pm14.20(20min) Evaluation and Differences of PRP Preparation Techniques :Scientific Analysis and Clinical Outcome – Timur Veysel Dogruok 
  • Pm14.20-Pm14.45(25min) Mechanical SVF Isolation: Is Enzymatic digestion still the Golden Standard?   Timur Veysel Dogruok 
  • Pm14.45-Pm15.05(20min) Different Sizes of Fat for Facial Rejuvenation Injection – Lee Kim Siea 
  • Pm15.05-Pm15.25 (20min) Fat Graft in Irradiated Skin – Saja Scherer 
  • Pm15.25-Pm15.55 (30min) My Facial Fat Grafting Technique for a Lifted look and the ways of a good survival of the grafted fat-Safi Kang  
  • Pm15.55-Pm16.25 (30min) Tea Break

Session 8: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Surgery- Breast

  • Pm16.25-Pm16.45(20min) How to Minimize Reabsorption for Breast Fat Graft – Kasey Sung 
  • Pm16.45-Pm17.05(20min) Augmentation Mammoplasty with Autologous Fat Grafting- A Ten-Year Personal Journey: Lin Tsai Ming 
  • Pm17.05-Pm17.25(20min) Autologous Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation for Management of Chronic Kidney Disease: A clinical trial in human: Jahangir Md.Sarwar


12th December 2022 (Monday)

Main Conference
Regenerative Medicine: Healing & Repair Key Note Lecture & Video Recorded Surgery

Session 9: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Medicine: Treating Multiple Joints & SVF applications

  • Am9.00-Am9.45 (45min) Keynote Lecture:IMAGE Regenerative Clinic of Milano.How to Integrate Wellbeing,Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine and Surgery with Research: The Story &Future Directions Carlo Tremolada     
  • Am9.45-Am10.05 (20min) Clinical Applications of SVF in Medical Therapeutic & others – Lan Leong Chung        
  • Am10.05-Am10.25 (20min) The Ideal Regenerative Approach in Orthopedic Disorders: Supercharged Mechanical Stromal-Cell Transfer (MEST) – Eray Copcu 
  • Am10.25-Am10.55 (30min) Tea Break
  • Am10.55-Am11.40 (45min) Adinized Stromal Concentrate (Superfat) Not an emulsified fat or a fragmented fat: Peter Jung 

Session 10: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Medicine: Musculoskeletal Disease ,Wound healing & Chronic Ulcers

  • Am11.40-Pm12.00 (20min) Use of Mfat (Lipogems) in Wound Healing and Its Central Role in Diabetic Foot Ulcers Treatment and Prevention – Carlo Tremolada  
  • Pm12.00-Pm12.20 (20min) Micro Fragmented Fat (Lipogems) Applications in Musculoskeletal Diseases and Setting Up of LIPOBANK as the First Tissue Bank in Italy.Carlo Tremolada 
  • Pm12.20-Pm13.20 (60min) Lunch Break

Session 11: Lectures & Video Presentation: Regenerative Medicine: Ovarian Rejuvenation and Hair Regeneration

  • Pm13.20-Pm13.40 (20min) Lecture Industry Sponsor -TLab
  • Pm13.40-Pm14.05(25min) Lecture Industry Sponsor-TLab
  • Pm14.05-Pm14.25 (20min) Muscat Procedure (New Approach in Ovarian Rejuvenation) and Genito-Urinary Applications of Mechanical Stromal-Cell Transfer (MEST) –  Eray Copcu 
  • Pm14.25-Pm14.45(20min) SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) for Hair Regeneration- Kasey Sung 
  • Pm14.45-Pm15.05 (20 min) STANT- Hair: Stromal and Adipose Niche Transfer in Hair Regeneration – Eray Copcu 
  • Pm15.05-Pm15.35 (30min) Tea Break

Session 12: Lectures & Video Presentation: Migraine Surgery and Peripheral Nerves

  • Pm15.35-Pm15.55(20min) The Role of Fat Grafting for Migraine – Giorgio Pietramaggiori 
  • Pm15.55-Pm16.15 (20min) Use of Fat Grafting for Allodynia in the Lower Limb – Saja Scherer 
  • Pm16.15-Pm16.35 (20 min) The Role of Fat Grafting for Mixed (Peripheral Nerve and Mechanical) Pain Syndromes – Giorgio Pietramaggiori 


13th December 2022 (Tuesday)

Post conference
Cadaver Anatomy Study of Facial Fat Grafting
(Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Center)
Dr Lee Kim Siea (Plastic Surgeon, Malaysia)
Dr Kritsada Kowitwibool (Facial Plastic Surgeon, Thailand)

Am8.00-Am9.00(60 min) Lecture Session

Understanding Facial anatomy:

  • Vascular anatomy
  • Fat pads                              
  • Anatomy basis of safe injection technique
  • Avoiding Intra vascular injection which may lead to blindness and soft tissue necrosis
  • Pre-Dissected and live video telecast in the lab:          Lee Kim Siea  & Kritsada Kowitwibool 

Am9.00-Am9.30(30 min)

  • Tea Break

Am9.30-Am11.30(120 min)
Hands on session

  • Local anesthesia infiltration of abdominal (donor site), nerve block and LA Infiltration to the face: Lee Kim Siea & Kritsada Kowitwibool

Am11.30-Pm12.30(60 min)

  • Lunch

Pm12.30-Pm14.30(120 min) Hands on session

  • Fat harvesting from donor site and fat processing: Lee Kim Siea & Kritsada Kowitwibool 

Pm14.30-Pm15.00(30 min)

  • Tea break

Pm15.00-Pm17.00(120 min) Hands on session

Facial fat grafting

  • Manual method using fine cannula
  • How to avoid intra vascular injection which may lead to blindness, skin necrosis and fat embolism, infection, and oil cyst formation. Lee Kim Siea & Kritsada Kowitwibool


14th December 2022 (Wednesday)

Post conference
Main Joints surgical anatomy and injection technique with Lipogems:
(Chula Soft Cadaver Surgical Center)
Hands on & Lecture
Carlo Tremolada (Italy)

Am8.00-Am9.00(60 min)
Lecture Session

Surgical Anatomy of Subcutaneous tissue , main area of harvesting and processing with Lipogems kit.
Technique and Tips

Am9.00-Am9.30(30 min)

Tea Break

Am 9.30-Am11.30 (120min)

Practice of harvesting in different areas and processing. Technique of injection in knee shoulder, hip and spine . (Ultrasound machine is necessary)

Am11.30-Pm12.30(60 min)-Lunch

Pm12.30-Pm14.30 (120min)

Technique of ultrasound injections of joints (Other technique of injection for beauty and other applications (Wound healing, fecal and urinary incontinence)

Pm 14.30-Pm15.00 (30min) Tea Break

Pm15.00-Pm15.30(30 min)

Discussion & Q&A