Dr Kasey Sung

SUNG, KISU M.D. (Kasey) 成箕秀 醫生 院長

Cosmetic Fat Surgeon, Cosmetic Bariatrician
Body-Contouring Liposuction Surgery, Lipoplastic Surgery, Autologous Fat Graft Surgery, Fat Stem Cell Therapy & Rejuvenation Surgery, Diet & Exercise Consultation
Director-in-chief of the LiLac Academy of Fat Surgery for Cosmetic Surgeons

Feb. 1991 Graduated Kyungbook National University, School of Medicine Daegu Korea
Aug. 2002 Basquiat clinic open. Doctor of director. Bundang Korea.
Apr. 2005 Changed the name of clinic to LiLac BLC Clinic
Nov. 2007 Moved the clinic to Gangnam Seoul Korea.


  • 2002 Lipomatic liposuction (Clinica Milenio, Portugal) Dr. A. Rebelo
  • 2003 Vaser liposuction (Santos Day Hospital, Brasil) Dr. E. Pinto (& Dr. Saldanha)
  • 2005 Liposuction, Lipofilling & Liposhifting in 2005 Live Surgery Workshop. in Washington, DC on April 29 ~ May 1 Dr. Hopping (& Dr. Lack, Dr. Mangubat, Dr. Sadick & Dr. Saylan)
  • 2006 22nd AACS Annual Scientific Meeting (Orlando, USA) The Innovators: Cosmetic surgeons. in Orlando, Florida on January 26~29
  • 2006 The Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery: A Comprehensive Review on CosmeticSurgery. in Orlando, Florida on January 29~30
  • 2006 2nd QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium December 1~3, 2006 Chicago, Illinois USA
  • 2007 Liposuction & Fat Grafting Live Surgery Workshop. in Bayonne New Jersey on September 14~15, 2007 Dr M. Pelosi II
  • 2007 World Congress on Liposuction Surgery and Advances in Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai, UAE on October 29~31
  • 2009 International College of Surgeons 2009 Beijing Conference in Beijing, China on November 14~16
  • 2010 The Cosmetex 2010 Conference of ACCS in Adelaide, Australia on April 21~24
  • 2010 The World Congress on Liposuction Surgery in Washington DC on October 1~3
  • 2011 7th. QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symphosium in Chicago on October 20~23
  • 2011 31th Cutting Edge in Aesthetic Surgery Symphosium in New York on December 1~3
  • 2012 7th Berlin International Workshop on Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction by Lipotransfer on June 16
  • 2013 KCCS International Conference in Bangkok Thai on May 17~18
  • 2013 KCCS International Conference in Taipei Taiwan on Oct. 27
  • 2013 2nd DASIL Annual Conference in Bangkok Thai, on Nov. 6
  • 2014 102nd Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery in Tokyo Japan on June 7~8
  • 2014 KCCS International Conference in Ho Chi Min Vietnam on June 14~15
  • 2014 Fat grafting ASIA summit in Sydney Australia on Aug. 9~10
  • 2014 The Cutting Edge 34th Aesthetic Surgery Symposium New York NY on 4~6th Dec.
  • 2015 AACS Annual scientific meeting New Orleans LA on Jan. 14~17.
  • 2016 AMAS Bangkok Thai on 19th Nov.
  • 2016 ICAD 2016 Thai Bangkok on 26th Nov. Lectures for SVF & breast far graft
  • 2016 ICC Venus Cairo Egypt on 27th Aug. Lecture & live surgery for Liposound
  • 2017 PSCS Manila Philippine on 22~23th Sep. Lecture & live surgery for breast fat graft
  • 2017 Beauli seminar Bangkok Thai 20~21st
  • 2017 AMAS Bangkok Thai on 4th Nov.
  • 2018 DST 2018 Bangkok Thai on 20th Mar. fat graft for face & SVF

Academic Appointments

* Director in chief & Consultant in LiLac Academy of Fat Surgery
(more than 10 live surgery seminars in every year since 2003 & many workshops with live surgeries in South-East Asian countries with numerous lectures)

Presentations in World Conferences

  • International College of Surgeons 2009 Beijing Conference November 14~16 2009 Autologous Fat Transfer with Lipokit
  • World Congress on Liposuction Surgery October 1~3th 2010 Washington DC
  1. Abdominal Liposuction with Abdominoplasty
  2. Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat graft
  • KCCS international conferences since 2013

*AACS Annual scientific meeting New Orleans Jan. 14~17 2015 about autologous fat grafting for breasts

  • Fellow, The International College of Surgeons & Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Diplomate, International Board of Cosmetic Surgery & Korean Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Trustee, Korean Association of Stemcell Therapy (Vice President) & Korean Academy of Aesthetis Obesity Treatment
  • Scientific Committee, Korean Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine
  • Consultant – Laser-assisted liposuction international consultant in Asclepion
  • Harvest-Jet & Natural breast surgery clinical consultant in Maser
  • Visiting Ass. Professor in Medical school of Cha University (~ Feb. 2018)

Current Societies

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery: Member
  • American Society of Liposuction Surgery: Member
  • The International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery: Full Member
  • International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science: Member
  • Korean Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine
  • Asian Society of Asian Cosmetic Surgery


  • LipoSculpturing Surgery: The Art of Body Contouring (with DVD) 324pps.
  • MD world Publication 2008 (KOREAN)