Jeremy Magalon received his Pharm D from the Marseille University in 2013 after completing a residency in Medical Biology with a specialization in Cell Therapy. He holds a university degree in Regenerative Medicine and a Masters degree in Tissue, Cell and Gene biotherapies. During his residency, he principally works on autologous Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and his other medical interests are autologous Stromal Vascular Fraction, fat grafting and Cord Blood Banking. In 2014, he was hospital practitioner at Necker’s Hospital (Paris) in the Biotherapy Department where he has been involved in clinical trials using gene therapy to cure patients presenting severe hemoglobinopathy. He completed a PhD degree in 2018 entitled “Development of an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product using stromal vascular fraction of autologous adipose tissue in systemic scleroderma : from biological characterization to identification of potential biomarkers of efficacy”.

Since October 2017, he coordinates the activity of Platelets Rich Plasma injection of Marseille University Hospital where PRP is used in different medical fields. He is author of more than 50 papers and 2 book chapters in regenerative medicine, and has been speaker at more than 30 national and international congresses and courses.