Dr Jeremy Magalon (France)
PharmD PhD specialised in Regenerative Medicine

Dr Jeremy Magalon obtained his pharmacist diploma from the University of Aix-Marseille in 2013 with a specialization in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. He holds a university degree in regenerative medicine and a master’s degree in tissue, cell and gene therapy. He also has a PhD degree (2018) whose work focused on the development of an innovative therapeutic drug using the stromal vascular fraction of autologous adipose tissue in the context of Systemic Sclerosis. He is currently Associate Professor and Hospital Practitioner at the University of Aix-Marseille (Faculty of Pharmacy) and at La Conception University Hospital (Department of Cellular Therapy). During his studies, he worked mainly on the optimization of platelet concentrates for the management of disease of the musculoskeletal system and on the therapeutic use of cellular products derived from adipose tissue. In 2014, he spent one year to Necker Hospital (Paris) in the biotherapy department where he participated in the implementation of clinical trials using gene therapy to treat patients with severe hemoglobinopathy.

Since October 2017, he has been coordinating the platelet-rich plasma injection activity of the Marseille University Hospital, where PRP is used in various medical fields. He is the author of over 90 articles and 5 book chapters on regenerative medicine, and has lectured at over 50 national and international conferences and courses. He recently co-founded the company REMEDEX, which is the first specialized network open to liberal practitioners wishing to perform acts of regenerative medicine under rigorous scientific and medical conditions.