Dr Jae-Yong Jeong (South Korea)

Dr. Jae-Yong Jeong is a board-certified plastic surgeon by Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons in Korea. At present, he is the representative doctor of THE PLUS Plastic Surgery located Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea. He also acts as Scientific Director of Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons and an Executive Director of the Korean Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons. He is especially the specialist in Asian Rhinoplasty and Revisional Rhinoplasty. To share and present his accumulated experience on rhinopalsty, he has published tens of scientific papers and peer reviews on several prestigious global medical journals. He is also the co-author of the textbook “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” in 2014, and the only author of the textbook “Rhinoplasty: Rebuilding Nose” in 2016 which has been translated in Japanese as well along with other 3 books about rhinoplasty on the basis of 17 years of abundant experience about Asian Rhinoplasty and Revisional Rhinoplasty. In addition, he dedicates to present and teach plastic surgeons both in Korean and in many countries including Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Finally, he wants to announce Asian Rhinoplasty and Revisional Rhinoplasty and to communicate with rhinoplasty surgeons all over the world.